Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Great Read for Spring Break

Alex illuminated the crypt with his light, and Teresa tried to interpret what she saw: uneven walls, a doorway surrounded by orbs, a floor littered with dried reeds. No, they weren't reed; they were bones. And the orbs were skulls! The catacombs! Her heart pounded in her chest like a jackhammer. Alex had withdrawn his knife. The blade glittered in the dim light of the torch which cast luminous shadows on the walls. What getter place to kill someone? What was another set of bones among the many? Lord, as you helped the Christians long ago who met secretly in catacombs, help me.

This excerpt from my suspense romance Hiding is an example of
why many readers have told me they had to stay up late because they wanted to find out what would happen next. Hiding makes a great spring break read. 

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