Sunday, November 6, 2016

In Defense of "Fluff"

A friend recently shared a devotion with me from Deeper Walk. The October 17, 2016 page was written by a romance author (unnamed) who said, "Many people  viewed her scratchings as 'fluff.'" But the author defended her writing by concluding after prayer and Bible study that God is a romantic!
 When he saw how lonely Adam was he created Eve. "Then the Lord God said: 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper as his complement'"(Genesis 2:18).
I would add that God was interested in finding Isaac the "right" girl and indicated that she would be the one who offerred to water his camels which is exactly what Rebecca did. Jacob, later called Israel, was so in love with Rachel that he worked a total of 14 years for her father, who first tricked him into marrying Leah, but later gave him Rachel as well. And what about the patriarch Abraham. His wife Sarah's name meant princess. No one can argue that Song of Solomon is not one of the most romantic and poetic books in the Bible. And Jesus uses the analogy of the groom returning for his beloved bride to describe his second coming.
If you feel called to write Christian romance, do not be ashamed that you are not writing deep theology or delving into erudite explication of Scripture. Write from a basis of knowlegde of God's word, experience, and heartfelt emotion.

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  1. Good Job, Kim! YES, our God is into Romance big time. It's all part of His wonderful plan for man, and He's most interested in getting the right "two" together so love, family happiness, and a godly seed can be preserved,living according to His Word. Nothing else can fill this great need. I believe God delights in bringing the right man and woman together and their joy, including physical union joy, is just a foretaste of what we as Christ's bride will one day enjoy when joined with our eternal Groom. Elva Cobb Martin, Pres. ACFW-SC